Thursday, 27 August 2015

4 Years and Counting...

          Marriage is tough. Both being admittedly stubborn, we can't avoid petty arguments every now and then. It can get silly as me moaning about him not folding the clothes the way I wanted him to, or him complaining about driving me to work, but still gets up and takes me anyway.  But despite all that, I don't want to change anything for the world! He's always been there for me and showed me so much love more than I deserve. Cheers to 4 years of endless banter, and for showing each other affection the way we know best.
 photo IMG_5095-horz_zpstiheh7zp.jpg
Photo credits to my good friend Aksela. See more of her beautiful works at Aksela Photography.


  1. Happy Anniversary! Marriage can be tough but the rewards are immeasurable! Four years is definitely an accomplishment! My husband and I have been married for four years as well. Beautiful photos! xoxo

    1. Thanks for the lovely comment Shaharoh. Let's keep the love burning. xoxo


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