Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Swimming with the Whale Sharks

          It's been a while since my last trip to the Philippines, and it took me ages to recover from what I call a "holiday hangover" -- that phase where you keep reminiscing about your vacation that it takes a long time for you to move on. Yep, that feeling, and I don't like it sometimes.
          One of the unforgettable things I've done while I was there was to finally see the whale sharks. These gentle giants can be spotted in Oslob, a southern town in Cebu about 3-4 hour drive away from the city. Like many of my travels, this adventure was organized out of impulse. Tatay (dad) offered to drive us there, so we left the city the next day at agonizingly 3 in the morning! Glad we started our trip early as the place gets really packed.
          After being briefed about the whale sharks, and things we need to abide while out in the sea, they later provided us with life jackets / snorkeling gears, boarded on a bangka (small paddle boat), and the boatmen paddled our way towards the whale sharks not too far away from the shore. If you are not a confident swimmer like me, let one of the boatmen take the photos for you. Our guide took some amazing shots, and even choreographed us when to go underwater so he can include us in the video.
 photo G0010029_zps7svu3blv.jpg
 photo GOPR0052_zps4vl7fbhy.jpg
 photo G0190238_zpsfk4ddeac.jpg
 photo G0030075_zpsr2tndkst.jpg
 photo G0070115_zpsqpazxjyy.jpg
 photo GOPR0058_zpsw8df5eh2.jpg
 photo G0210257_zpsyfkonroa.jpg
 photo GOPR0326_zpsfuspayqt.jpg
          The whole whale shark encounter only takes 30 minutes, but mind you, it can be really tiring. After having lunch at the nearby carinderia, we decided to stop by Tumalog Falls as it is still early to head back home. Trekking to the falls is not too bad, but can be exhausting uphill. There are always habal-habal (motorcycle taxi) if you are too tired to walk back.
 photo G0270317_zps86vzsxqs.jpg
 photo DSC_0320_zpsue4tsrev.jpg
 photo DSC_0339_zpsbscpr1tu.jpg
 photo DSC_0331_zpsw0lbzeuw.jpg
 photo DSC_0341_zpsyoblaxyy.jpg
 photo DSC_0349-horz_zpsatsxcadt.jpg
 photo GOPR0356_zpsbvqt6clo.jpg
          Swimming with whale sharks --- check! That's another thing ticked off my bucket list. Can't wait to move on to the next one.


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