Saturday, 7 March 2015

Barcelona Postcards

      As much as I want to avoid crowded touristy destinations, I often end up visiting them instead. I always have this assumption that countries favoured by many travellers can sometimes be overrated. Pushing your way through a busy street is surely not anyone's type of holiday, but at times it makes me wonder why there are many people who decided to go there still. So when this massive tourist in me found an amazing deal online, I told hubby later that day to arrange his dates, and few weeks after we're in Barcelona. Am I glad we made that impulsive trip! 
     Barcelona is an amazing city, one of my favourites that I've visited so far. We chose to go on February for my post birthday celebration, and nothing more exciting too than to spend Valentine's Day exploring a new place.  Sharing to you few (a lot!) random snaps of our Catalonian holiday.