Sunday, 29 September 2013

Life Lately

     It's been quite a while since I last updated my blog. I thought when I start working night shifts I'll have more time to laze around, but turned out the other way instead. That three-month absence made me see different places, gain new experiences, catch up with families, and meeting new friends.
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     Summer is at its peak last July, so staying indoors is the last thing I wanna do. I went to see Robbie Williams and the oh-so-adorable Olly Murrs perform at Wembley. Also on the following weekend, me and hubby made this spontaneous decision to travel to seaside Kent. We stayed in old town Folkestone as this is the family's regular destination in the past. From there, we made a day trip to Canterbury to see their famous medieval cathedral.
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     Then came our 2nd year anniversary by August. We went out to try a different place to dine, but went home disappointed. That's one place crushed out from our go-to list, and pledged to stick to a place we know if we want to come home with our stomachs full. Hubby's cousin also got married same month, and asked me to be their official wedding photographer. Never done wedding photoshoots before, but I felt honoured (and nervously excited!) they trusted me on it.
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     When there's wedding, there's party afterwards. Really enjoyed my time catching up with relatives who I've never met for like ages. Lastly for September, I finally got the chance to meet the amazing people of Berkshire Photography Group, and joined their photowalk activity in Cliveden. That was my first photowalk experience, and really enjoyed it. Not only that I can practice using my camera, I got to travel and see new wonderful places I've never been before. Anyone who loves photography, and lives close to the area, I highly recommend to check them out. They have tons of events lined up for the upcoming months.

     So there you go. I didn't gave up blogging, just needed a little time out I guess. Besides, I miss this little space of mine! Hope everyone had a great weekend. Ciao for now.


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