Friday, 8 February 2013

Cream Coated

 photo 73045a90-d9a6-4640-bf57-23250ec31dda_zps0d652ae6.jpg  photo 39d935a4-d08a-48e1-80b4-05ebe3728cb1_zps7f7b6600.jpg
Coat-River Island, Dress/Belt-Primark, Boots-F&F
     This is an old photo which has been in and out of my Instagram account a lot of times. I just can't figure myself out whether I like this outfit or not. I'll be turning 27 very soon (*my god!*) but this photo makes me feel like I'm too old to wear something teenage-like girly. But this post will be a reminder of myself to try on clothes that are more mature, not that I want to look old, but something that will make me feel a lot more grown-up. For my future posts, I'd explore more on clean cut silhouettes, body hugging dresses, and especially summer is just around the corner, I'd love to wear light sheers, chiffons, and anything bohemian. 


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