Saturday, 29 December 2012

Blackpool Highlights

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     I've been crap with my blog posts lately. Maybe I should include 'always update blog posts' in one of my many and ever growing list of resolutions for next year. But sometimes, with my two days off every week, time is just not enough to do everything. First day off spent catching up with sleep, do a bit of house chores, and thankful for marrying a guy who is such an OCD, that he complains about the slightest dirt which he considered a 'mess'. I don't mind him moaning, he keeps the flat tidy anyway. 2nd day of my weekly days off, however, is spent living. With me working on daytime and hubby at night, we really need to, at least, slow down the pace a bit to enjoy life.
     Enough about me trying to make an excuse of my late posts. So last month, we went for a short weekend stay in Blackpool to celebrate Uncle Robert's 70th birthday. Instead of travelling all the way up to the north, everyone agreed to meet up in Blackpool, and save all the time driving to Scotland. I got the chance to meet the rest of the Scottish clan. Understanding their accent is quiet difficult at first, but I got the hang of it eventually. 
      Blackpool is supposedly lively, but because of the cold weather, people would rather stay in pubs, or stroll around malls. I can't blame them, I tried walking along the coastline, and the freezing breeze made me regret why I did so. It was a nice weekend, full of laugh, dancing, singing and drinking. I wake up the next day finding photos from last night I can't remember taking. Oh well. I'd love to come back on summer time and experience the buzz of this place. Besides, they won't call it "Las Vegas of England" for nothing.


  1. Awesome pictures looks like you had a blast. Thanks for sharing awesome blog you have here looking forward to more posts.


  2. Beautiful Photos =)
    Nominated you for the Liebster Award Happy New Year


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