Friday, 1 May 2015

May Vacay

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           In few days I'm off to sunny Philippines, and will be spending a month of sunshine (and few rain showers according to forecast), catching up with family & friends, and waking up to mornings without thinking about work for a change. It's been a long time since  I last visited my hometown Cebu that I can't imagine how the city would look like with all the new establishments opening recently. My in-laws and my parents are going to meet for the first time as well, now that is something to look forward to. Let me start this holiday spreading the good vibes, and share the things that made me feel blessed. A simple reminder that despite all the life's challenges, there are double more things to be thankful and grateful for.
  • My month long holiday starts today! And you can't believe the first thing I want to do... Lie in bed and do nothing. Haha! Getting enough sleep, or a well rested one, seems to be my huge struggle for me. So I make sure I get enough snooze while I can.
  • With extra days off before our scheduled flight, I finally have time to write even just one blog post and check other blogs that I missed.
  • Talking about extra days, I managed to squeeze in a night out with few of the girls at work this weekend. Never been on a girly night out for so long!
  • Hubby agreed to drop us off and pick us up later after the night out, as long as I have to watch Pacquaio and Mayweather's fight with him at his friend's house. It's a win-win arrangement for me. Woooo!
  • I've been doing this online course recently, and I'm proud to say that I already passed half of it in less than a month. So I don't have to be bothered about it when I'm away.
          Everything is going well so far. Now let me start writing my To-Do checklist before the excitement starts kicking right in, and things will just fly off my head. Have a great weekend everyone!

Saturday, 7 March 2015

Barcelona Postcards

     I come to a realization that no matter how much I want to avoid crowded touristy destinations, I
will always admire and be drawn to them. Like many tourists who come to see the place, I like to experience the city buzz, to see the famous yet sometimes overrated attractions, to have that great feeling that I finally set foot on the country and not just admire them from a magazine. The reasons are endless. So when this massive tourist in me found an amazing travel deal online, I immediately booked it and told hubby later that day to arrange his dates because we'll be heading off to Barcelona in few weeks! Yea I can be impulsive that way, if our savings permit.
     Barcelona is an amazing city, one of my favourites that I've visited so far. We chose to go on February for my post birthday celebration, and nothing more exciting too than to spend Valentine's Day exploring a new place. Sharing to you few (a lot!) random snaps of our Catalonian holiday.
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Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Starting Afresh

     New year wasn't long time ago and I don't want another day pass regretting why I didn't try hard enough to reach my goals. In an attempt to keep my life on track, I started on making myself a mandatory checklist of things I want to accomplish this year. It will serve as a personal reminder to get my bum off the couch and start working on achieving them. Since I started a bit late on this blog, maybe I should start my 'to do' list with improving on that (and I'm pretty sure the list will grow as the year progress). Let's see how it goes.
Travel More
     It doesn't matter whether it's local or abroad, just go out there and explore new places. Travelling opens up my eyes to different perspectives, new experiences, and appreciate more what life has to offer.
Learn New Things
     Maybe I should rekindle my old love for dancing and gets reminded that my body coordination is never better than before , or meet like minded people who share the same passion for photography. Never be afraid to start out a new hobby. Learning new things challenges how far your talent can go and gives that sense of accomplishment. And before I forget... my driving! That needs to be done soon as well.
Spend Wisely
     "It's not your salary that makes you rich, but your spending habits"(by Charles A. Jaffe). This quote got stuck in my head everytime I go shopping. Next time I drag myself to the nearest sale again, I need to way my needs and wants first before spending anything.
Sweat It Out
     I can't promise to let go of my sweets just yet. And spicy food, I just love them! So instead of going for a special diet, I'll try eat moderately and do more exercise than what I usually do. Work can be tiring at times, but 10-15 mins of burning off that excess calories per day will not hurt.
Good Vibes Only
   It's amazing how a simple gesture like smiling, or greeting your neighbor or work colleagues could lighten up anyone's mood. Surround yourself with happy people and you'll find yourself happy as well. Don't forget to let someone dear to you know that you love them. Positive attitude creates an equal positive ripple. 
     Expect this page to be filled with getting lost in travels, some bargain hunting finds, an attempt to finding my own personal style, and spreading around my happy ripple. Haha. Welcome to my wacky misadventures.