Saturday, 18 January 2014

Jasper Jewellery

     I find joy in browsing new products online, and one of my most current discoveries is Jasper Jewellery. Based in Ireland, they specially make unique, classy, and high quality Swarovski Crystal Jewellery at everyday prices. It comes really handy as they arrive in a beautiful presentation gift packaging, free of charge. Their products are created by world's leading emerging designers, and reaching out to suppliers as far as Europe, Middle East, Asia, and South America to keep them updated of latest trends and designs.
 photo DSC_3768_zps16e30838.jpg
 photo DSC_3771_zps88cd917b.jpg
I feel in love with this Gold Coral Necklace & Earrings set. The colour is quiet bold for what I usually go for, but that's the whole point why I've chosen it, to get out of my comfort zone, and try something different.
 photo DSC_3775_zpsc069f16b.jpg
I also treated myself with Gold Pendant Necklace. So cute that I couldn't resist but get it as well. Can't wait to wear them for my upcoming birthday in few weeks.
 photo DSC_3776_zps8fa138b9.jpg
Check out Jasper Jewellery's website for more of their great collection. They also offer free delivery worldwide. Don't forget to use the code "mnemonicreveries5" to get an extra €5 discount, valid only until 31st of March 2014.

Villa Lavaya - Our Home in Cape Town

     Finally got the chance to sit down and get back to blogging again. Coming back from a week long vacation, and holiday season kicking in at the same time, makes me just want to laze around for a bit.
      Last December, we escaped the cold weather of UK, and flew all the way to Cape Town to attend my brother-in-law's wedding. There are quiet a few of us going, so instead of booking us in a hotel, the future bride arranged us to stay in our own private villa. Cost and location wise, it is every holiday maker's best acommodation choice to go for.
 photo DSC_2696_zpsf8966781.jpg
 Villa Lavaya at sunrise. Not only does this place shows us the best view of Cape Town's famous attractions, we are also just few minutes away from the popular Camps Bay beach. 
 photo DSC_2665_zps13e05ae9.jpg
Michael went sunbathing the moment we arrived. The villa have 5 bedrooms, one of which is a Cabana Room (that's the room with sliding doors as shown above) that can be converted to a bedroom or an extra entertainment room. I particularly picked this room because it gives us straight access to the garden and pool area. 
 photo DSC_2683_zpsc4229c20.jpg
The interior shouts modern sophistication. Everything about it is just perfection down to every detail. The floor is laid out in an open plan living, perfect for entertaining friends and family. The space is bright and airy, with sliding doors which opens up to the ocean view balcony and outdoor terrace.
 photo DSC_2677_zps2d8178a9.jpg
The view of Lion's Head outside the kitchen window. Wow, just wow!
 photo DSC_3139_zps52426038.jpg
Going downstairs is the Playroom with large pool/billiard table, extra fridge for drinks, and flat screen TV. Just the perfect spot to keep the boys (and girls) entertained.
 photo DSC_3149_zpsae4bb315.jpg
Not to forget to mention Victor, the friendly live-in housekeeper, who welcomed us and looked after the whole house during our stay there. photo DSC_2687_zps1ebce12f.jpg

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Black Lace

 photo DSC_2614_zps5fda6bdb.jpg
 photo DSC_2610_zps8591a025.jpg
Dress c/o Madam Rage, New Look Bag & Shoes
     I kept telling myself to avoid black for a while, but here I am again wearing yet another black number. It's just one colour I couldn't get myself away from. I'd love to explore other bold colours like yellow, green, or maybe neons, but I admittedly find it difficult to look for things to pair them up with.      This dress from Madam Rage is a great new black addition to my wardrobe. The lace detail makes the dress really pretty and feminine. For party outfit, you can never go wrong with LBD (Little black Dress), and I chose to wear mine with high heels, and gold sequin clutch bag to add some shimmer. 

Sunday, 13 October 2013

Lady in Red

 photo DSC_1366_zpsed9fc5e8.jpg
Missguided Dress, New Look Bag, Primark Shoes
     This post is way looong overdue, but would love to share what I wore on a date with hubby to celebrate our 2nd year wedding anniversary last August. We went out for dinner, and thought we might try something new for a change... Not a good idea! If you want to go home with your stomachs full, I'd say stick to a restaurant you know, or check the review at least before going there. The place we went to is actually nice, but the serving is smaller than I expected. I was in the mood to eat that time.
     But anyhow, what I wore on our date is this figure hugging dress I picked after winning one of Missguided's many contests some few weeks back. It was really tough to pick one from their site. I end up picking this dress because it's a good base to any outfits, and don't own a red one yet. For that night, I wore it with simple accessories, and now that cold season is here, I'll be wearing it with layers of jumpers, coats, and finish off with warm, comfy boots. 

Sunday, 29 September 2013

Life Lately

     It's been quite a while since I last updated my blog. I thought when I start working night shifts I'll have more time to laze around, but turned out the other way instead. That three-month absence made me see different places, gain new experiences, catch up with families, and meeting new friends.
 photo 1_zps21795296.jpg
     Summer is at its peak last July, so staying indoors is the last thing I wanna do. I went to see Robbie Williams and the oh-so-adorable Olly Murrs perform at Wembley. Also on the following weekend, me and hubby made this spontaneous decision to travel to seaside Kent. We stayed in old town Folkestone as this is the family's regular destination in the past. From there, we made a day trip to Canterbury to see their famous medieval cathedral.
 photo 2_zps14db4060.jpg
     Then came our 2nd year anniversary by August. We went out to try a different place to dine, but went home disappointed. That's one place crushed out from our go-to list, and pledged to stick to a place we know if we want to come home with our stomachs full. Hubby's cousin also got married same month, and asked me to be their official wedding photographer. Never done wedding photoshoots before, but I felt honoured (and nervously excited!) they trusted me on it.
 photo 3_zpsc9e4a145.jpg
     When there's wedding, there's party afterwards. Really enjoyed my time catching up with relatives who I've never met for like ages. Lastly for September, I finally got the chance to meet the amazing people of Berkshire Photography Group, and joined their photowalk activity in Cliveden. That was my first photowalk experience, and really enjoyed it. Not only that I can practice using my camera, I got to travel and see new wonderful places I've never been before. Anyone who loves photography, and lives close to the area, I highly recommend to check them out. They have tons of events lined up for the upcoming months.

     So there you go. I didn't gave up blogging, just needed a little time out I guess. Besides, I miss this little space of mine! Hope everyone had a great weekend. Ciao for now.